Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day today & celebrating my book’s 1st anniversary!!

As we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day today and celebrate my book’s 1st anniversary; I am reflecting in the experiences working with the creative community; those who solves problems, design solutions and communicate to the outside world.

Overall, because of the first generation Entrepreneurs who have more global exposure as also aspire to go outside India, have been quick to latch on to the concept of IPR and what it can do for their organisations.

The other segment which aspires to solve a problem and change Society i.e. Individual Innovators desperately want their idea protected but don’t have the money to afford it many times and our thoughtless Govt. schemes don’t provide funds for those seeking to protect their ideas.

Even the MSME scheme which provides reimbursement for patent filing does so once the patent has been granted which takes atleast 3 years.

The SME sector does a lot of interesting work and innovates trying to solve customer problems and survival as well but is clueless which is patentable, the process, cost and timelines. 

Though there have been Workshops being organised by various agencies such as MSME, Dept. of Science & Tech., WIPO, CII etc. but the moot question is not being addressed; how to identify Intellectual Property in my organisation; protecting and monetising the same.

The larger companies barring a few and those in healthcare sector are engaging in mere lip service and are not sensitised enough on the opportunities which innovating at different levels present to their organisation and initiating a pilot will help them figure out what path they want to take.

But overall, the ecosystem is coming into place with Academia setting up IP Cell / Innovation Centre, students especially at IIT becoming more market savvy, the springing up of Incubators across the country and more professionals like Rajeev Karwal taking it up as a mission by setting up an Incubator called Milagrow.

So on optimistic note, I really hope to do a lot more in terms of helping more ideas reach the market and helping monetise Intellectual Property generated in our country!!