Abhijeet Kini – A creative professional trying to bring comic in our mundane life

Are you fascinated by those crazy characters that used to be featured in various comic books? As a child we all have read comics and we did have our favorite character. As we grow up we have left behind those characters as memories. But what if new characters in their varied avatars come to us in the form of magazines? Isn’t it interesting! We can relive those old days with enhanced characters and in a new form.

Abhijeet Kini

The credit for this goes to a creative artist, Abhijeet Kini. He is a professional illustrating graphics, characters, animation and merchandising with the help of his character and mascots. He has been designing characters for magazines since 1999. Since he was a child like all children he was fascinated by comics. He got inspired from comics and started designing characters for Tinkle in 2004. What started as a freelancing activity converted into a fulltime profession over time. Abhijeet has illustrated his creativity for various magazines like Random, Timeout as well as newspapers like Hindustan Times, DNA and many others.

While illustrating for various publications, he came with a thought of creating his own characters. He wanted to create characters which a common man can relate to and can draw humor from it. This is how his first character Angry Maushi came into existence. He started using that character on various posters and magazines. He showcased reality of day-to-day life through these characters in a subtle and humorous way. Then he presented his work in Mumbai based comicon, made design on posters and magnets. People started liking them and he got inspired to bring up new characters. After this followed various characters like Satankar, Daku Super Singh, Gryll, Out of the Shadows, Delhi Billi and Kini Merch. Abhijeet Kini being into a creative world faces huge risk in terms of his designs getting copied. He has applied for Copyright for all of his creations to avoid copying.

Once the characters got popular, Abhijeet thought that they should serve some good to the society. So he decided to publish magazines out of them. He published three books with the character Angry Maushi which was based on socio-political issues. As he got readership and interest from people Abhijeet extended his arena into current affairs and humor. His idea is to promote comics as an important media for adults in India. He is of the opinion that why only children should enjoy the comics, adults should also relish comic world which can be read to lighten the mood after a hectic day. He has also started merchandising into consumer items through magnets which can be put up anywhere in the house or vehicles, mouse pad designs, coasters and key chains.

Further, Abhijeet plans to create more literature for the people through his characters and mascots which can pass a strong message to the readers. Abhijeet has really developed a creative way of connecting to the people through his characters.

Disclaimer: Abhijeet Kini is a client of Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. which is co-founded by Rajeev Surana

Chasing childhood dream to be an Off-Road Racer

Aniket How many of you have a dream since childhood? Every one of us has that first or one dream since childhood which fascinates us and makes us do anything for it. But how many of us chase that dream until we really achieve it? Aniket Das, a student of National Institute of Design; is one of them who have dedicated his life to chase his childhood dream. As a child he was always fascinated by off road motorcycling. When he was eight year he decided to be an off-road racer and this passion grew as he watched MRF Supercross Championships every year since then.

Initially his parents motivated him to nurture that dream but suddenly he was made aware of the reality that his family cannot support his dream of becoming an off-road racer. Aniket did not get demotivated by this but decided to change his dream. He thought if he cannot race it, he has to make it. This passion and determination lead him to design a Off-road motorcycle which will enhance the experience of an off-road racer. He feels that it is not only the design which appeals the racers but the riding experience too.

Prototypes are based on a Hero Impulse

Prototypes are based on a Hero Impulse

In India the concept of off-road racing is still a minority and people are not much aware about it. Aniket wants to take this sport one step ahead by enriching the experience of riding through his designing skills. He has already made two prototypes of off-road motorcycle which has advanced and customized features based on user experience. He took inputs from the experts like his college seniors, industry experts and India’s finest off-road racer, CS Santosh to design his motorcycle.

This seems to be a very fascinating story but the journey was not easy. He did internships and freelancing to raise money to support the resources required for designing. In India innovation culture has not developed yet and the educational institutes do not encourage students to innovate in their academic years. Aniket overcame this resistance and dedicates almost 18 hours a day to focus on his designing skills.

As a design innovator he had to protect his design so that it cannot be copied. So he decided to apply for patent. Considering very limited knowledge he had, he approached faculties to help him filing the patent. But he was neglected and was discouraged. Finally he found out a way on his own and approached a patent agent to get his prototype filed. He has been successful in filing patent for two prototypes and is in the process of developing a third prototype.

His main advantage is that he has started at a very early age. As a student he has access to mentors, different resources from all over the world, can participate in competitions in foreign universities which gives him good exposure to the world of designing. Thus through his innovative design thinking Aniket wants to change the perception of off-road racing in India. He wishes to design a comfortable and affordable motorcycle so that motorcycle lovers can experience the racing pleasure without having to depend on expensive motorcycles.

Innovation in problem solving

Most of the times, we hit a roadblock when we encounter a problem, be it small or big.

It can be exam results, loss of a personal belonging or even trivial things such as inability to properly tie shoe laces.

How can we be innovative in our approach so that we are able to solve the problem and not be lost in it.

Real life experiences of people have the answers for us and I will try to summarise the same for our readers: –

1. How can I quickly solve the problem

For example: You are unable to locate your house keys in your wallet without realizing that your neighbour has a spare key which you can use

2. Who can help me understand the problem and find a solution: Most of the times, we only depend on our prowess to solve the problem but you help from near & dear one or from an expert depending on the complexity of the problem

For example: You have been caught by Traffic Police for breaking a signal and you have been asked to deposit the license with the authorities and recover it within a stipulated time from Traffic Police Office and if one does not do so in the stipulated time frame, then the license is confiscated and submitted to Court

One is then forced to appear in the Court to get the license back. Now in this case, if you didn’t know the system you could be running from pillar to post to get your license.

In this scenario, it is best to approach a RTO (Road Transport Office) agent to understand how the system works and the best way to deal with the same. You may choose to not engage the RTO agent but it is important to acquire knowledge of the system works and decide how you want to act

3. Can we relate the problem to something we already know

Very often, we think the problem we are facing is completely new and are clueless how to deal with you but the trick is to figure what you know and how you can relate to the problem

For example: You face an unusual situation where your child is not feeling hungry after coming back from full day of school and when you ask your child he/she mentions that the tiffin she ate was very filling and hence not hungry.

You are guessing that she must not be feeling well and hence not hungry so you get worried and take the child to Doctor who tells you that your child is perfectly fine.

Had you thought of the discussion you had with your friend who’s daughter was also not eating her lunch after coming back from school and on investigation she found out that there were a lot of back to back birthdays in school leading to extra consumption of chocolates, wafers and cake hence she would not feel hungry on coming back home you would not have to unnecessarily worry.

Therefore, you have to get out of the box to think ‘out of the box’.

Happy weekend..